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Storybook Horse Farm, home of the famous Storybook Canadians and Storybook Warmbloods. We have the largest herd of Canadian Horses in the United States. After acquiring some of the finest Canadian horses from Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and BC, we have focused our breeding program on producing top of the line Canadian Horses with fabulous temperaments!

We are preservation breeders for some of the most endangered and rare bloodlines within the Canadian Horse breed. Our approach to preservation, is not only to produce exceptional horses, but also to demonstrate the breed's beauty, performance and talents in open competition against other popular breeds. When you see a beautiful talented Canadian Horse compete in 3-day eventing, driving, dressage or a western discipline you will understand why so many people have fallen in love with the Canadian Horse!

Having our Canadian horses out competing in open competitions, we have found that many horse owners, riders and trainers want to cross their Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods to our Canadians. They want the strengths of the Canadian Horse with it's exceptional temperament, great feet, larger bone and intelligent minds mixed with the positive attributes of their own breeds to produce a superior horse. As preservation breeders, we resisted crossing our Canadians until we realized that we can help promote the Canadian Horse with our cross-breeding program, too. Thence, the Storybook Warmblood breeding program emerged focusing on American & German Warmbloods and Sporthorses. Our Warmblood goals are the same as with the produce top of the line Warmbloods and Sporthorses with outstanding temperaments.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and please check back often for updates and horses for sale.