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It is a privilege and honor to own one of these majestic and talented horses. All efforts will be made to match potential buyer's abilities and needs to the right horse. Helping you find your "dream" horse and life-time partner is our goal!!!

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Horses for Sale - 4 Year Olds and Older

Storybook Kurt William-Elite #13218

Dark Bay Stallion   Born 2009

Billy is another exceptional stallion from his sire Kurt. Billy will make a great all around horse, he excels at dressage and loves go trail riding.

Storybook Kurt Yukon-Elite (Reg Pending)

Dark Bay Gelding   Born 2011

Yukon has a double dose of nice from sire Kurt and Dam Reba. He is stunning, has great movement, conformation and temperament. Yukon has been started under saddle and he is in training at Caber Farm.

Storybook Kurt Yuma-Elite (Reg Pending)

Wild Bay Gelding   Born 2011

He is stunning and ready to start under saddle.


Canadream Alex Shining*Star #11632
"Squiggles" SOLD

Black Filly   Born May 6, 2006

Fabulous movement & jumping abilities. Exceptional 3-day eventer or Jumper!

Demi Duc Tazz #13211
"Tazz" SOLD

Black Gelding   Born June 13, 2007

Pony size gelding with fabulous suspension & temperament. Very flashy! Loves trail riding.

Storybook Kurt Tara-Elite #13213
"Tara" SOLD

Dark Bay Filly   Born July 22, 2007

Smaller 3-day eventer with outstanding natural jumping abilities. Great temperment, willingness & movement.

Storybook Kurt Woodmont #13219
"Woody" SOLD

Red Bay Stallion   Born June 13, 2009

Woody is a stunningly beautiful red bay stallion. He is the ultimate compact stud with the best temperament, movement & conformation.

Storybook Kurt Yellowstone (Reg pending)
"Stoney" SOLD

Dark Bay Stallion   Born 2011

 Stoney is just an amazing horse! He has it all...from his warmblood dressage movement to his Canadian intelligence and willingness.

Storybook Woodmont Yardley (Reg Pending)
"Yardley" SOLD

Light Red Bay Filly   Born May 2011

Yardley is an amazing filly from Woody out of Hetty. Wow, she has breathe taking movement! Yardley is ready to start under saddle.

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Horses for Sale - 2 - 3 Year Olds


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Horses for Sale - Yearlings, Weanlings & Foals


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SOLD Horses

Storybook Prince-2 X-Factor
"Red" SOLD

Chestnut Stallion   Born May 4, 2010 

Dressage anyone? Red has been professionally started. He is truly an exceptional mover with a wonderful temperament.

Storybook Prince-2 Xyder #13418
"Xyder" SOLD

Dark Bay Colt   Born May 10, 2010

Xyder has been professionally started, super movement, turbo charged speed with excellent temperament. 3-day eventing, roping, extreme trail riding?

Storybook Kurt Xtreme-Elite #13419
"Xtreme" SOLD

Mahogany Bay Colt  Born May 16, 2010

Xtreme Elite is a stunning mahogany bay colt. He is a top future stallion prospect.

Storybook Phantom Xeek #13421
"Xeek" SOLD

Seal Brown Colt Born May 26, 2010

Xeek is Phantom's first offspring and he is out of Eloise. Excellent temperament, fabulous movement and outstanding conformation. Handsome Lou bloodline stud colt.

Storybook Kurt Unica-Elite #13217
"Unica" SOLD

Black Bay Filly   Born May 14, 2008

Exceptional movement, temperament & jumping abilities. Very refined filly. Could do well in any discipline.

Berthiaume Kurt Praline #10574
"Praline" SOLD

Very Dark Bay Mare   Born May 31, 2004

Outstanding 3-day eventer with fabulous temperament.Wow, can she jump!

D D D-Cromwell Remington #11503
"Remington" SOLD

Black Gelding   Born June 17, 2005

Great extended trot. Sensible trail horse. 3-day eventing with show experience. Could do well in any discipline.

Storybook Kurt Ultra-Elite #13216

Red Bay Gelding   Born May 12, 2008

Breathtaking extended trot and float with outstanding temperament. Could do well in any discipline!

Storybook Merit Sundance #11634
"Sundance" SOLD

Brown Bay Gelding   Born June 20, 2006

Unflappable temperament with super movement. Excellent dressage prospect!

Storybook Zipper Spencer #11633
"Spence" SOLD

Black Gelding   Born June 17, 2006

Tall & handsome with great movement & temperament. Perfect for Dressage!

Storybook Kurt Uzabelle-Elite #13215
"Bella" SOLD

Dark Bay Filly   Born April 30, 2008

Tall jumper with fabulous temperament. 3-day eventing prospect.

Storybook Kurt Wyoming #13220
"Wyoming" SOLD

Dark Bay Colt   Born June 26, 2009

Unflappable temperament, super movement. Rare bloodline stud colt. Could do well in any discipline.

D D D- Cromwell Princesse #10580
"Princess" SOLD



Canadream Alex Samara #11631
"Sweetpea" SOLD



Cherry Creek Zipper Reba #11171
"Reba" SOLD



2-3 Year Olds     Yearlings, Weanlings & Foals      Sold Horses